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Waterfund Agenda 2030


  • Project: : Waterfund Agenda 2030
  • Category : Fund, Impact Investment, Accredited Investors only
  • Tags : Impact Investment, Water
  • Size : € 100 Mio. in 3 phases

Waterfund Agenda 2030

Water For Generations

We Specialize in Premium Drinking Water With an Ecological Approach “There's plenty of water in this world, and there is no life without drinking water” Dr. Johannes Pfaffenhuemer, Drinking Water Expert, May 2021
 It is time to actively supporting some of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations. It is time to think environmentally, sustainable, but also economical and consider an alternative Impact Scenario that is both, sustainable and profitable.

The Market

🟦 Megacities across the world offer better demand prospects supported by higher affordability, changing lifestyles, and superior distribution infrastructure for the last mile connection with customers.

🟦 In 2017, 26 of the 33 megacities were in developing countries. The megacity scene over 2017–2030 is expected to be dominated by developing countries, with an additional five of the six new megacities in the period.

🟦 In 2017, Asia Pacific accounted for the maximum number of megacities, with 19 of the 33 (58%). China and India are the regional and global leaders, with six and four megacities each in 2017, respectively. 

🟦 Despite the surging populations and economic progress in emerging countries, developed megacities will still maintain their economic and consumer affluence advantage in 2030. For instance, in 2030, the disposable income per household is expected to be greater in all developed megacities than in emerging megacities. 

🟦 According to data on cities revealed by GlobalData, expects that in 2025 there will be more than 40 megacities globally, including 12 in China and six in India.

Megacities Offer Wealth, Social Diversity, Economic Growth and Innovation


Impact Thesis

The overall fund objectives are to achieve long-term capital appreciation and annuity incomes by investing in a complete value chain from owning water resources to delivering it to the end consumer, including direct distribution to home, cutting down the smaller delivery chain. Present environmental, sustainable, and profitable investment opportunities for private placement investors.

  • Water Fund Agenda 2030 (the Fund), is an Impact Investment Fund focusing on environmentally friendly extraction of premium mineral water. The Fund is supporting some of the sustainable development goals (SDG) of the United Nations (UN), such as “clean water and sanitation” (SDG 6) and “life below water” (SDG 14). Also, the Fund aims to influence critical government decisions for sustainable production, water rights, and SDGs.
  • The Fund is backed by veterans and experts from the water industry having a deep understanding of quality water resources, water gap analysis, and a significant relationship network to identify, validate, and secure water resources. Also, the team includes experienced persons from the field of marketing, business consulting and innovations, international relationships, global supply chain management, and active fund management with solid track record.
  • The Fund aims to achieve a long-term capital appreciation and generate annuity incomes by investing in a complete value chain right from owning water resources to delivering it to the end consumer, including direct distribution to home, cutting down the delivery chain smaller.
  • The critical aspects of the Fund include offering an Alternative Impact Investment Scenario that is both sustainable and profitable, developing a reputation as a trusted partner for Real Estate Funds and Impact Investments, and sharing back profits with the society.
  • The Fund will create investment opportunities for the long-term investors to invest in quality drinking water resources/well assets internationally (Europe including Russia, Africa, Middle East, Asia, and Australia) along with water processing units such as water filtration bottling and packaging.
  • The Fund will also own and operate B2B marketing or distribution companies for mobilizing the water output from the international well assets. Additionally, the Fund will create various branded water marketing and distribution companies such as Water of Life (WoL) with environmental and social responsibility in Europe, Asia, and the GCC region.
  • The Fund will follow a thorough well due diligence which will be an integral part of the investment process to help ensure the best quality of water is sourced from wells across regions. The water well due diligence (WWDD) process will cover various aspects such as legal, water analysis, hydro-geology, technology, and economics.
  • The due diligence of the wells and the screening of the investment opportunity will play an integral role in ensuring that the invested funds maximize the benefits of the underlying asset following the Investment mandate.
  • The Fund aims to raise Euro 100 million (USD 118 million) over the first three years staggered (1st year - 39%, 2nd year - 32%, and 3rd year - 29%). The Fund will use these proceeds to set up and expand business operations, marketing activities, and brand building (Water of Life brand). The Fund life is ten years with a seven-year investment period plus a two-year extension followed by another one-year extension.
  • The Fund will subsequently deploy this funding to the Well SPV and Marketing and Sales SPV (during these three years in a staggered manner) and hold a 100% stake in both the SPVs. In all, the Fund will deploy Euro 50 million to the Well SPV, while Marketing and Sales SPV will receive Euro 45 million over the years. The remainder Euro 5 million will be kept by the Fund for its management, including set up fee, legal and compliance fee, fund management fee, and general corporate purposes.
  • Apart from funding its business (from a scale-up point of view), the Marketing and Sales SPV will own a 55.1% or higher stake in WoL Water brands by investing a total of Euro 38 million.
  • The demand dynamics are strong. This is evident because water is a finite source and covers about 71% of the earth’s surface; however, about 3% of the earth’s water is fresh, and only a tiny percentage (about 0.3%) is even usable for humans. Currently, 844 million people, about one in nine of the planet’s population, lack access to clean, affordable water within half an hour of their homes.
  • Changing lifestyles and growing health concerns regarding quality drinking water are driving the global demand for bottled water, with the total annual consumption of bottled water at about 200 billion liters. The Asia Pacific region dominates the global bottled water market because of the large population, growing demand, untapped market, rising disposable income, and rapid urbanization.
  • Megacities worldwide offer better demand prospects supported by higher affordability/income levels, changing lifestyles, and superior distribution infrastructure for the last mile to connect with customers.

Planned Fund Life Cycle

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