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Our Investor Relations Services for Funds and VCs

Equipped with years of experience working with investment/fund managers on both the buy-and sell-side, we understand and can bridge between what companies offer and what investors target.

Fund Services

How does an SME company at the capital market between a start-up and IPO feel? Often overlooked, often neglected, often misunderstood.

It does not help that most consultants are often specialized in either mergers and acquisitions, or trade sales and can rarely offer the whole range of advice needed for Series C and above investments.
Our internationally experienced team understands the entire spectrum of investments as we facilitate sector-agnostic investment research for the buy-side right from venture capital to private equity.
We guide deep-tech or high-tech companies to formulate their narratives with higher chances of unlocking their growth potential and successfully raising funds.


Have you ever thought about setting up your own fund or SPV?

Stephan Horvath
Investor Relations
The easiest way to launch YOUR funds and SPVs is working with a team of experts for all tasks at stake: Strategy, Structuring, Strategic Financial Documents, Liquidity Mechanics, Waterfall, Carried Interest, Investment Thesis, Narrative, Marketing, Communication, Negotiation, and Due Diligence Support, Investor Reporting, and ongoing Investor Relations for your investment project. And finally run your own fund.

Open Your Own Fund