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What makes you special from others?

Why Would a Successful Entrepreneur Hire a Coach?

Because this entrepreneur raises capital for his company only once, but he negotiates with professionals that talk daily to entrepreneurs.

What makes your strategic financial work special?

A convincing pitch for investors acts like a SYMPHONY – integrated, supporting your narrative, and at the same time convincing to the investor. Companies are often presenting and selling their solution, instead of selling the solution as an Investment. It is important to make informed decisions and adapt to changing markets and investment climates. Funding needs a stunning team, a clear investment strategy, a convincing narrative, supporting strategic financial documents, and a compelling presentation.

What is the process to raise capital?

We use successfully the following structure for projects, companies, and funds: 1. Ideation – convincing, compelling, and credible business model 2. Investor Relations Strategy – Articulating Strategic Financial Documents and Valuation – Explain your project in numbers like you never did before. 3. Strategic Financial Documents 4. Convincing narrative and compelling story 5. Investor Outreach – Targeting Investors – Find the suitable targets and get an appointment 6. Pitch and Investment Documents – Building Investment Documents, Pitches – present yourself, your team, your idea 7. Negotiations and Due Diligence – Concluding due diligence and negotiations – Selling the investment and not only the project

Can I send you a deck and your refer us to investors?

You always can send us a presentation and/or an executive summary. Just to manage expectations, we won’t work without a mandate or a contract in place.

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